1. Every Support Call needs to be registered by the customer to our designated support options:
    • Phone Number: 77590 26666
    • Phone Number: 77590 27777
    • Email Address: support@planetinfra.com
  2. The support desk executives will collect the required information from the customer and generate a new Support Call using:
  3. Each Support Call will automatically be distributed to the respective Support Co-ordinators using the
  4. Support Co-ordinators will assign the Support calls to the Support Engineers under them as per their schedule.
  5. For every support call, each Support Engineer, before the end of the day will fill up
  6. The call reports will be approved by the Support Co-ordinators using the
  7. Heads of Depatments who need Support Engineers to work on specific Projects will need to request the same from the respective Support Co-ordinators.
  8. The Support Co-ordinators will be responsible for assigning Support Engineers on Projects after confirmation from the concerned Head of Department on mail.
  9. Support Engineers who have been assigned to work on projects, will still need to fill the Call Report Form on a daily basis and the same needs to be approved by the Support Co-ordinators.
  10. The entire system will be monitored by the Head of Department (IT) for successful functioning of the same.



Policy Formulated on: 15/05/2017


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